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Computer Repairs

Action Computer Services has been a computer repair service provider since 1987.

Do you need your in or out of warranty computer serviced? Are you in a pickle trying to figure out if you should repair or buy new? We're ready to help you! The friendly crew at Action Computers are straight talking, honest professionals who love helping clients by repairing their computers as much as putting clients into a new one. 

Come take advantage of our 25 plus years of experience, 7,000 on-site and in-lab service jobs. You never need an appointment to visit, and it's just 15 feet from your car to our front door. We'll even carry any heavy computers you have into our office! Come see what Action Computers can do for you.

Action Computer services is Lewiston/Auburn’s computer service experts. We service large businesses and individuals. We will give you undivided attention and rapid response. You may contact us at any point of the repair to ask for updates and estimated repair time.

Data Recovery

Action Computer Services specializes in recovering data from Desktop Drives, Laptop Drives, External Drives, Servers, RAID Systems, Network Attached Storage Devices (NAS), Storage Area Network Devices (SAN), Flash Drives, and Camera Media.

With over 20 year experience, we are uniquely qualified to offer recovery services for data losses.
Never assume that your data cannot be recovered!
Action Computer Services, routinely recovers data from failed hard drives caused by:

  • Mechanical Failure (Clicking, Grinding, or Unusual Noises/Will Not Spin)
  • File System Damage (Lost Data, Will Not Boot, Drive Not Accessible)
  • Bumped or Dropped Drives
  • Viruses or User Sabotage
  • User Error Such as Accidentally Deleted Files or Formatting
  • Static Electricity, Power Surges and Outages
  • Natural Disasters Such as Lightning Strikes, Fires, and Floods

If you have suffered a hard drive failure or computer crash, Please Contact Action Computer Services

Virus Removal

On today’s internet, computers are bombarded by spyware, adware and viruses.

What happens when your computer is attacked by one?

Action Computers can offer Professional virus removal service with enhanced protection from online threats.
Our experts will scan, detect and remove all spyware and viruses from your computer. Afterwards,Install, configure antivirus software and optimize firewall and schedule automated virus, spyware, and adware scans.

Virus removal tech support from ACS includes:

  • Tech support to install and configure your antivirus software..
  • Remove all security threats from your PC.
  • Monitor and shield your PC from hackers and malicious viruses.
  • Instant access to expert technicians via on-site, phone and remote support.
  • Tech exerts skilled in all antivirus software to include AVG, McAfee®, Norton™ etc


Action Computer Services is the one-stop-shop for all your computer diagnostics and service needs!

Our expert technicians are licensed and insured so you know you’re receiving the absolute best workmanship available.

We provide only top-quality products on all of our computer services while offering affordable prices. Contact our team for the responsive, innovated and customer-focused services you’ve come to expect.

Call us today and let us help with all your computer related projects!

We offer computer services for all major brands as well as virus removal. Our services also include small and medium sized businesses to ensure you succeed. Whether you need computer diagnostics or data backup, we’ve got you covered! Call us today to speak with one of our skilled technicians.

Action Computer Services is your one call computer experts!

Data Backups

Backups have two distinct purposes.
The primary purpose is to recover data as a reaction to data loss. 67% of internet users have suffered serious data loss.

The secondary purpose of backups is to recover data from a historical period of time. Within the constraints of a user-defined data retention policy, typically configured within a backup application. Though backups represent a simple form of disaster recovery, and should be part of a disaster recovery plan, by themselves, backups should not alone be considered disaster recovery.

Not all backup systems and/or backup applications are able to reconstruct a computer system, computer cluster, active directory servers, or database servers simply by restoring only data from a backup.

Since a backup system contains at least one copy of all data worth saving, the data storage requirements are considerable. Organizing this storage space and managing the backup process is a complicated undertaking. A data repository model should be used to provide structure to the storage. In the modern era of computing there are many different types of data storage devices. Also, there are many ways in which these devices can be arranged to provide geographic redundancy, data security, and portability.

Before data is sent to its storage location, it is selected, extracted, and manipulated. Many different techniques have been developed to optimize the backup procedure. These include optimizations for dealing with open files and live data sources as well as compression, encryption, and de-duplication. Many organizations and individuals try to have confidence that the process is working as expected and work to define measurements and validation techniques. It is also important to recognize the limitations and human factors involved in any backup scheme.

Action Computers can fulfill your back up needs. Give us a call to find out more.

PC Tune-ups

Is it taking longer for your computer to start up or shut down?

Do you have to restart your computer because of lockups?

Are you receiving error messages?

Does your computer act sluggish or seem to run very slowly?

Are your programs not responding or crashing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably need a computer tune up.

Over time computers progressively slows down and becomes less effective and unreliable. For optimal performance, computers need tune ups on a regular basis.

Action Computers can restore your computer to its peak performance and improve its reliability.

Things we check during a PC Tune up

  • Clean, compact, and repair the registry if possible.
  • Check for file errors and repair if possible.
  • Check for updated device drivers and install if necessary.
  • Delete cookie files.
  • Delete history files.
  • Delete temporary internet files.
  • Delete unnecessary shortcuts from desktop and start menu
  • Defrag the hard drive to improve system performance.
  • Remove unnecessary programs from starting.
  • Test laptop battery performance.
  • Test the CPU.
  • Test the hard drive.
  • Test the memory.
  • Test the network card and adjust if necessary.
  • Test the sound card, speakers, and microphone and adjust if necessary.
  • Update anti-spyware software, if available.
  • Update anti-virus software, if available.

Call us anytime, we are available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

System Restore

Is your PC running slow?

If so, you will probably need a system restore.

With over 20 years experience restoring computers to their original or better states, Action Computer will get your PC up and running, better than the day you bought it!

We have the ability to save your data, emails, favorites and much more!

Should a computer system require an operating system restore, the following would be helpful:

  • Restore CDs / DVDs or a restore partition on the hard drive..

  • If possible all information should be backed up prior to appointment.

  • A Certificate of authenticity or verification key (provided with every version of Windows) on-hand

As always we appreciate your interest in our company and look forward in serving you!!