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On-Site Support

Why hassle with disassembling and taking the computer to the repair shop every time it has problems?Why wait few days or, sometimes even few weeks for your computer to be fixed by the repair shop?

And then, re-connecting all these cables back together after your computer has been fixed? We deliver Computer Repair Onsite! Think about the time you'd lose driving your computer around town!
Some companies charge really high fees for repairs at home, or even when you bring your computer at the repair shop.

Action Computer Services is committed to providing the lowest possible prices when it comes to computer repairs. Not only do we offer competitive pricing, but you can rely on our expert technicians' expertise, whenever there is a problem with your laptop or desktop computer.

We deliver prompt, expert computer repairs, for your home PC or Mac, or for any peripherals attached to it. Our trusted technicians will come directly to your home to solve your computer troubles right on-the-spot.

Whether you want to improve the performance, complete any hardware upgrade, get those annoying adware pop-ups under control, install a wireless network, or just learn how to use your PC more effectively, we are here to help!

We can also resolve any problems related to internet connectivity, emails not being sent or received, or any other issue your PC or Mac may have.
Onsite Repair Advantages:

  • Excellent Expertise. Highly trained technicians are resolving computer problems every hour of the day. There is no secret computers can hide from us.
  • Prompt Response. We will dispatch a technician as soon as you call, and we will be at your door step in just a few hours.
  • Focus on Quality. We stand behind our work and make sure that repairs are of the highest quality.
  • Fast Diagnostic and Troubleshooting. With our advanced diagnostic tools we will narrow down the problem in no time, immediately apply the solution and be on our way before you know it.
  • Flexible availability. Same-day, Next-day and After-hours Computer Repair services, 7 days a week.

Remote Assistance

Companies often grow to a size where they don't quite need a full time IT person and applicants for part time positions do not have the required experience.

If you don't have in house staff, Action Computers can provide Remote Assistance to resolve issues during your call and get you back to the business at hand.

Do you need a quick solution to a technical problem? With our live remote-assistance tool, a member of our support team can view your desktop and share control of your mouse and keyboard to get you on your way to a solution.
How to Get Support: A member of our support team will talk with you first to determine the nature of the problem.

We utilize a very secure program called Teamviewer that allows us to offer to you our clients a free program for to access you(you have to initialize the connect) anywhere in the world!

For more information about this process please call us at: (207) 786-8740

Support Rates

At Action Computer Services, we provide quality services at fair prices. We offer reduced rates when you join a service contract!

We also provide some services at a set rate, like virus removal or operating system reloads.

On-Site Labor - Billed at $90.00 per hour portal to portal with a minimum charge of $90.00.

In-House Labor - Billed at $90.00 per hour with a minimum charge of $60.00.

Remote Communications Support - Billed at $90.00 per hour in 20 minute increments with a minimum charge of $30.00.

Phone Support –Billed at $90.00 per hour in 20 minute increments with a minimum charge of $30.00.

Email Support - Billed at $90.00 per hour in 20 minute increments with a minimum charge of $30.00.